—Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is some kind of yellow goo shapped to look like a human. He loves donuts and is known for his phrase "d'oh!" that he says whenever he does something stupid which is always. One time his "D'oh!" went through space. He once got his hands caught in 2 candy machines at his work place. He constantly has heart attacks and gets drunk. He claims to have a wife named Marge and three kids named Bart, Lisa, and Maggie but this has been proven false and that he just made them up because no one would talk to him. It is unknown if Homer is actually a human or not, but most people's IQ is between 85 and 100 but Homer's is -7532 cause he drinks TOO MUCH BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Many people say he is an alien spy and is working for someone called Lenny Leonard. Many people have tried to kill him including the Teletubbies. He is almost as big a loser as George W. Bush. Homer Simpson's notable traits include a former job at NASA, a former hippi, a former millionaire, a former car designer, a former genius, a former Christian, a former friend of a president, a former assistant to a super-villain, a former Stonecutter, a former boxer, and a former popular character on a watched cartoon show. He is a member of G.W.W.E.A.T (guys who wanna eat all the time).

Death Edit

Homer Simpson was found dead last thurday in the bathroom of his Hollywood hotel.

Trivia Edit

He was the former owner of NintenD'oh.